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HoneyKomb Brazy – Respect Lyrics

    Hey Understand You
    Hey Cut That Out What You Playing
    You A DK Piece Of P Why You Trying To
    Get In My Skin How You Take Skin Crun
    Them All Noodles In The P You
    Ain’t You

    My You Street Myself My Mom Have To Hold
    My Hand Transgress Me They Going To Have
    To Rest Me Right Here Where I Stand Try
    Finess Me I’m From Alabama About No
    Free My That Boy Get Out Z Try
    Turn To

    Some In 4 Hour Lock Down What I’m Say I
    Can’t Even Thinking Trying To Be
    Shake Down Skiping Sh Bing In The Sink
    Weol That You The Never You Dr That
    Snake Was On Some Ganga Geing
    Like He F My Heot

    My Snake A Say For Real Can’t Be Playing B That Alad
    Dis Cuz She Told Me She A F Oh Man Oh
    Man My Little Like N K Grab A Dr
    And Some Sticks Now He Maring For Some B
    What I’m Saying What You Say The Aing
    How He Just That Turn On My What
    I’m Say What You Say No No She So You No
    Hand Let Me With A Friend Oh Man
    You A My B No More CH Try Me On
    Going S I That On

    Know I
    My My Grand
    Get Been Sick Dog R With Thisit Smoke
    Granddaddy With Grandpa Swear All This
    My Little Brother K I Stop Smoking
    Cigarettes My Little White Super
    She Can’t Cook No Nigg G What I’m
    Say Cut That Out What You Playing You A
    D Piece Of Boy Why You Trying To Get In
    My Skin How You Take Skin Crush Them Up
    In The You

    Ain’t Franklin How You My Twin Say
    I Don’t Give A Man I The Street My
    M To Hold My Hand Me They Going Have Me
    Right Here Where

    I Me I’m From Alabama About No What
    I’m Saying I Let Get Back What I Was
    Saying Hold TR Just Hold Me
    With A Man Y BL Sh With Sno Missing
    Still Treat Like Baby Boy Hope

    You Comprehend Help Me Understand Why
    You Walking Run My Money I Been
    Smoking Like Will But I Ain’t Know No
    Still Trying To Find Out Who Again
    Un I See Dead People They Like A’t Got
    No Ain Got

    No Would Have Died I
    With J I See
    De Got
    No If
    I Hello

    Hey I Need You Right Here I Need You To
    Leave Me With Be Home Like They
    Said You Know Dog I Don’t Know What’s
    Going I Don’t Know I Think They Going
    Man I Don’t Know What Ass
    On I Really Like That I Told Y’all So

    Folk Around Get Stuck In The Ground And
    Pl Arounds And We On Rock Like That We
    Cut Off Stockers Boy You Need Stop We
    Going Your

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